TARKES Suomen Tarkastuskeskus Oy – Kotimainen Laaja Alainen Laadunvarmistuksen Toimija

TARKES – Suomen Tarkastuskeskus Oy – Domestic wide-ranging quality assurance operator

Insteam Oy and Indewe QC Oy, the companies owned by Marko Wallin and Ilpo Ylismäki, specializing in inspection and quality assurance, joined forces in 2024 and the group company Suomen Tarkastuskeskus Oy – Tarkes was born.

Insteam Oy and Indewe QC Oy have been operating in the field of inspection and quality assurance since 2010.

Quality assurance services thus cover the whole of Finland, and customer service is more flexible and comprehensive.

Insteam Oy has been a pioneer as a domestic inspection institution and has shown that there is a demand for a smaller, flexible and expert operator. Every year, we carry out inspection and quality assurance assignments for over a thousand equipment and over a hundred customers both in Finland and abroad. The objects vary from extensive boiler plant sets to individual pressure equipment, such as autoclaves and various tanks. The high-quality implementation of both individual inspections and large projects is guaranteed by the documentation system Inspektor, tailored to our needs, which has become a great tool as a result of years of development work. The system’s database has several different search features that can be used to search, for example, for failure points or reasons leading to rejection by pressure equipment type.

Insteam Oy also offers its customers a commercial online version for PED compliance verification for pipelines, pressure vessels and boilers, which can be obtained from Insteam Oy’s website.

Indewe QC Oy has produced quality assurance services for the engineering, energy (YVL and other energy industries), process and shipyard industries since 2010, as well as pressure equipment and welding inspection services, as well as certifications as an external resource. Most of Indewe QC Oy’s personnel have at least one IW training.

With the merger, the resources increased to more than 20 people, and the synergy between the companies brings considerable added value. The personnel is evenly distributed throughout Finland, so we are able to serve our customers better, faster and more cost-effectively.

Our goal is to be a strong domestic association of experts in the fields of inspection, certification, quality assurance and training. The company’s personnel have from 5 to more than 30 years of experience in the field. This know-how is intended to be shared with new inspectors as well.

Insteam Oy accredited inspection services:

Services of the notified body NB2545

  • Pressure equipment conformity assessment A2, G
  • Person and method qualifications (WPQRs) according to the welding PED
  • Evaluation of the conformity of safety automation systems of boiler plants G-mod.

I043 inspection services of the approved inspection body:

  • Periodic and change inspections of pressure equipment
  • Inspections of natural gas pipelines
  • Biogas pipelines, filling and refueling stations
  • Flammable and dangerous chemical pipelines and storage tanks
  • Evaluations of safety automation systems
  • Periodic inspections of liquid gas plants
  • Administrators’ certificates

Indewe QC Oy quality assurance services:

  • Inspection and quality assurance services
    • Qualified QA/QC inspectors handle quality control and delivery control tasks in different fields and in different projects as the customer’s representative.
  • Delivery supervision in Finland and Europe
    • E.g. Quality assurance during manufacturing at the foreign suppliers/subcontractors of a Finnish operator
    • Indewe QC Oy has its own inspectors and an extensive cooperation network in Europe.
    • Site and installation inspections, e.g. maintenance shutdowns in Finland and abroad.
    • Downtime planning and monitoring, e.g. maintenance shutdowns in Finland and abroad.
  • Audits and supplier evaluations
    • Evaluations of subcontractors, evaluations of manufacturers, construction of quality systems, e.g. EN-1090, EN-3834, etc.
  • Technical clarification and advisory services, as well as metallurgical services
    • Investigation services for welding problems/weldability and manufacturing problems
    • Welding and material technical damage analyses, repair plans and their monitoring.
  • Training services
    • Trainings in welding, quality and quality assurance, pressure equipment, etc., as well as customized trainings according to companies’ wishes.
    • The trainings can be organized, for example, at Tarkes Oy’s or companies’ own premises.
  • Maritime industry control services and inspections, etc.
    • QA/QC functions, site management, VT inspections (frame structures, pipelines and painting inspections, etc.), coordination of inspections.