The first periodic inspection

Pressure equipment inspection services from experts

Before the pressure device is used for production, it must undergo a first periodical inspection, the so-called commissioning inspection. During the inspection:

  • the operating values ​​of the pressure device are confirmed
  • determine the type and date of the next periodic inspection
  • the appropriateness of pressure equipment labels, operating instructions and other documents is checked
  • the safe use of the pressure device is checked, as well as its safe operation in the system to which it is connected
  • it is checked that the usage supervisor has sufficient qualifications and expertise
  • the functional safety of the automation is checked
  • the suitability of the pressure device for outdoor use is checked

Additional measures concerning boiler plants:

1) the general arrangements of the boiler plant are such that there are appropriate conditions for the safe use of the boiler;

2) the risk assessment has been carried out in the manner stipulated in Section 65 of the Pressure Equipment Act;

3) the steam and hot water boiler’s equipment, control point and monitoring of operation meet the requirements set out in Sections 13–15 and Section 75 of the Pressure Equipment Act;

4) in the event of malfunctions, the equipment is controlled or can be controlled to a safe mode;

5) in the event of a malfunction, the pressure release causes as little damage as possible.