Preparation of the inspection

For internal inspection, the pressure device to be inspected must be safely separated from the rest of the process and the electrical equipment must be de-energized. To obtain a reliable inspection result, all inspection openings must be opened and cleaned carefully. In addition, the additional requirements required by any tank work instructions must be taken into account.

Before performing the internal inspection, previous inspection reports are consulted and it is found out whether there have been any significant changes in usage patterns or conditions during the period of use. For demanding pressure equipment, a written inspection program is drawn up as necessary before the inspection is carried out. The inspection program defines the inspection methods and scopes.

Inspection methods include:

  • visual inspection
  • pressure test
  • endoscope inspection
  • surface inspections
  • ultrasound inspection
  • X-ray and isotope imaging
  • creep measurement
  • copy check
  • iris check
  • eddy current inspection
  • digital x-ray
  • wall strength measurements