Monitoring of pressure equipment

We are pioneers in matters related to pressure equipment monitoring. The personnel’s decades of experience in various pressure equipment company sites has given considerable experience, which is of enormous benefit to the customer.

Due to our experience, we are able to define and focus inspections on the weakest points. This saves time and money, avoids unnecessary service interruptions and especially creates safety. Over the years, we have inspected hundreds of different items that require monitoring.

We use an extensive network of subcontractors for non-destructive NDT inspections.

Replacing periodic inspections with monitoring

Periodic inspections can be partially or completely replaced by pressure equipment monitoring performed by the owner or holder of the registered pressure equipment, if the safety of the pressure equipment can be ensured through monitoring.

Monitoring can replace internal inspections and pressure tests of pressure equipment. Pressure device monitoring can be applied to the following pressure devices:

  • pressure equipment protected from the inside by masonry or massing
  • pressure equipment of the refrigeration plant
  • pressure equipment, which is not reasonably possible to inspect due to structural reasons of the pressure equipment.

These include, for example, pipelines and vacuum-insulated containers. This group also includes pressure equipment whose internal parts prevent inspection and the pressure equipment cannot reasonably be disassembled.