Method qualification of permanent joints – Welding method qualification

The EU pressure equipment directive defines the approval procedures for welding methods. As a notified facility, Insteam Oy has the rights to accept welding method qualifications. In the manufacture of pressure equipment, the directive requires a third party to participate in the welding method qualification for equipment belonging to categories II-IV.

Insteam Oy is an accredited inspection body S062 (EN ISO/IEC 17065)

Method and pre-production tests of welding joints

1. Contact

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Agreement on the details, requirements and timing of the method test.

2. Method test

The actual method test is performed at the customer’s own premises. Our supervisor verifies the materials, additives, welding gases and other welding variables used before the start of welding. Our supervisor verifies during welding that the method test is welded according to the preliminary welding instructions. During the test, our supervisor verifies the correctness of the welding parameters using measuring devices calibrated according to our operating system. A visual inspection according to the application standard is carried out on site by a supervisor for the test piece prepared according to the instructions. Only the test pieces approved according to the visual inspection can be submitted further for the additional testing required by the standard (NDT and DT). If agreed, a welder can also be qualified for the welding of the method test, if you wish to do so, please notify the supervisor before the test

3. Exam inspection and testing

In addition to a visual inspection, the application standards require either destructive and non-destructive material testing for method test pieces. Standard testing of the test piece is performed by an approved testing organization.

4. Proficiency certificate of method test

When all the tests required for the exam have been successfully completed and the testing material has been delivered to Insteam Oy, it is time to review the method exam. The inspection is carried out by a qualified inspector from Insteam Oy. As a rule, the supervisor of the method test performs the inspection.

As evidence of an acceptably completed method test, the test taker is awarded a method test qualification certificate in accordance with the application standard. If the review of the method test is negative, the customer will be sent a decision with reasons. The customer can request an amendment to the decision or leave other feedback according to the website.