Conformity assessment of pressure equipment in module G


The procedure described below is the procedure by which the manufacturer verifies and assures that the pressure equipment or pressure equipment assembly he has manufactured complies with the requirements of PED. The notified body, Insteam, issues a certificate of conformity to the pressure equipment it has inspected before the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity. The manufacturer affixes the CE mark to the pressure device with the identifier of the notified facility of Insteam Oy

Operating model

1. Application

The customer prepares an application attachment on Insteam Oy’s document base (individual device or device set). Both forms are filled out in the device unit.

2. Application receipt

After receiving the application from the manufacturer or its representative, Insteam records and stores the application documents in the electronic database and confirms the order.

3. Preliminary evaluation of the application

It is preliminarily assessed that the conformity of the pressure device can be assessed according to module G, by ensuring that the basic information has been presented and the necessary material has been attached to the application

4. Review of the plan

Based on the drawings and attached documents, the compliance of the plan is assessed. Insteam issues a certificate of the approved plan inspection, which shows the results of the assessment. An inspection certificate of the plan is written and delivered to the applicant, and archived on its own server with the application.

5. Final evaluation

The pressure equipment is subjected to a final inspection, the purpose of which is to verify the fulfillment of the requirements visually and by checking the attached documents. Inspections carried out during the manufacturing phase can be taken into account in this case. If necessary for safety reasons, the Final Inspection is performed on all parts of the device, internally and externally, if necessary during the manufacturing phase (for example, if the inspection is no longer possible during the final inspection).

6. Certificate of conformity

The notified body Insteam issues a written certificate of conformity for the approved conformity assessment when the assessments and various sub-inspections have been satisfactorily completed. The certificate of compliance is written and delivered to the applicant and archived on its own server with the application. The manufacturer affixes the Insteam notified facility code 2545 to the CE mark