Conformity assessment of new pressure equipment

Insteam assesses the manufacture and compliance of new pressure equipment as a notified body according to the Pressure Equipment Directive. We are a European certification body approved by the authorities S062. After the approved evaluation and the certificate of conformity issued by Insteam Oy, the manufacturer has the right to attach the CE marking indicating this to the pressure device with the ID of the facility notified by Insteam Oy.

We issue certifications for products, processes and services as certification body No. S062.

In terms of pressurized systems, the product range includes e.g. approvals and final inspections of individual pressure equipment plans and approvals of larger pressure equipment assemblies. Equipment sets include, for example, store refrigeration equipment, biogas processing equipment and filling stations, power and heating plants or pressurized industrial processes.

Insteam Certification organization and system

Insteam Sertifiointijrjestelm