Commissioning and periodic inspections of liquid gas plants

A liquid gas plant* that operates on a large scale must be inspected before commissioning. The inspection states that the plant is safe to put into operation and that it meets the requirements of the Chemical Safety Act and the Liquid Gas Safety Regulation.

The periodic inspection of the liquid gas plant is carried out every four years. When there is at least 5 t of LPG, but less than 50 t, the inspection is carried out by an approved inspection institution. Installations with a capacity of at least 50 t are inspected by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.


  • process and energy plants
  • the gardens
  • machine shops


  • safe operation of the facility
  • fulfillment of statutory requirements
  • the inspection is carried out with extensive expertise
  • periodic inspection of the pressure device at the same visit

Insteam Oy is an inspection body approved for inspections of liquid gas plants. Our customers include several of Finland’s leading gas industry operators. We perform inspections professionally and flexibly, the customer
according to schedules.

*Liquid gas plant = a plant where, in addition to liquid gas, there are no other dangerous chemicals or their quantity does not require a notification to the emergency services or a permit from the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Insteam Oy produces inspection, testing, quality assurance and training services that increase safety and usability for process, chemical and energy industry and public administration customers. Insteam Oy is a FINAS-accredited inspection body I043 and European notified body no. 2545. The inspection body has permits for inspection activities from the Ministry of Labor and Economy (TEM), the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and the Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).