Company story

Industrial inspection services since 2010

Inspection agency operations in Finland opened up to competition in 1998, when publicly owned inspection agencies began to be privatized in order to increase competition and make operations more efficient. In this case, two large inspection institutes were born in Finland, which have since been transferred to foreign ownership.

Insteam was founded in 2010. At first, inspection services were subcontracted along with quality assurance services. After the legislation changed, the accreditation process to become an approved inspection body was started. Insteam Oy was audited by FINAS according to the new standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and was approved as an inspection body by the decision of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency in 2013.

During the audit, business arrangements were also made. Insteam Oy was separated into its own company, Insteam Consulting Oy, which offers expert services. The arrangements achieved the desired absolute independence of inspection activities, which is one of the important guiding principles of our operations.

Insteam Oy is a completely domestic inspection body. We are expanding our branch network all over Finland in order to be close to the customer and provide cost-effective service.

Insteam in a nutshell

Insteam Oy is a Finnish-owned inspection institute producing inspection, testing, quality assurance and training services. Our services offer safety, usability and reliability. We operate in different industries and our customers are both large and small operators from the process, chemical and energy industries as well as public administration.

We are a growth-oriented company and in addition to our home country, we operate in several customer destinations in European countries.

Feedback received from customers and the following values ​​guide our operations and their development:

  • operational independence
  • deep understanding of the customer’s views
  • trust and reliability
  • good practices.
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How we operate

Independence and neutrality are central principles guiding our operations. Our method of operation is customer-oriented and based on practices that have been honed to become effective through experience.

In a customer relationship, trust is created as a result of professional and high-quality operations. We have earned the trust of our customers by handling things precisely, by sticking to agreed schedules and delivery contents, and by understanding the legalities of the customer’s perspective and operations. Our strengths are experience and solid professional expertise.

We are constantly developing our operations according to the feedback we receive from customers.

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Our organization

We currently operate from offices in Turku, Helsinki, Kotka, Harjavalla, Tampere and Kuopio. We are growing strongly: we are recruiting professional and experienced inspectors and expanding our office network to serve our customers even more comprehensively. We also train future experts in our team, e.g. through thesis projects.

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Corporate responsibility

We are a service organization consisting of experts, whose purpose is to produce inspection, quality assurance and training services that support the customer’s business. We want to act responsibly as part of the surrounding society, reducing the ecological, social and financial risks involved in business.

We take different stakeholders into account in our operations and invest in personnel training. We collect good practices and tacit information for the development of our operations and for the best of our staff. As a flexible and dynamic organization, we offer our employees a meaningful and motivating work environment.

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